Kentucky court records now available online

Kentucky court records from all 120 counties can now be searched via a website administered by the Kentucky Court of Justice. To search, go to this page.

You’ll still need to visit the county circuit court clerk’s office to view full records and this Web interface doesn’t offer nearly as much information as the public access terminals in the courthouse, but the court’s website can be extremely useful for performing perfunctory research.

County court dockets have been accessible for quite some time, but I just discovered the records index earlier tonight. It’s also worth noting that dockets aren’t highly searchable; you’ll basically need to just pick a county and court date, then skim through the docket looking for the information you need. It would be nice if the interface allowed you to search by party or at least case number.

With a little luck, maybe they’ll start posting more complete case information sometime in the future. I really don’t understand why you can’t access the same information online that’s available on public terminals in circuit court clerks’ offices because it appears the information is all contained in the same database system.

I’m thankful the ability to search Kentucky court records online exists at all because our state government doesn’t have the most progressive record when it comes to providing online services, but the system could be exceptional with just a little more work.

To access court records generated by Kentucky’s federal courts, you still need to use the fee-based Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system.

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