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Portrait of photojournalist Billy Suratt (photo by KennethPierce.com)
Portrait of photojournalist Billy Suratt (photo by KennethPierce.com)

Mid-South photojournalist, Kentucky writer and digital media consultant (eNinja!) Billy Suratt. (Photo by Kenneth Pierce)


I’m a photojournalist, writer and eNinja primarily covering the Mid-South United States from dual bases of operations in the Lexington, Ky., and Atlanta, Ga., metropolitan areas, with an additional emphasis on Nashville, Tenn.

What’s an eNinja? Basically, a jack-of-all-trades where electrons are involved: think Web developer/social media consultant/online marketing strategist/PC hardware technician (on steroids).

You name it, I can do it. If you’re already doing it, I can help you do it better.


As a photojournalist, I’ve spent more than two decades covering stories of regional and national importance for some of the world’s largest (and smallest) publications. I’ve covered two Super Bowls, eight seasons of NFL football, six presidential races and more disasters than I care to count, including Hurricane Katrina’s Gulf Coast aftermath.

I’m a top-notch general assignment photographer capable of handling nearly any editorial assignment, but my photojournalism specialties are politics and political photography, sports photography and concert photography (portfolios coming soon, and I do realize not already having them is extremely lame).

As a writer, I’ve mostly written for small newspapers you’ve never heard of which aren’t even in business anymore. But I did it really well and it’s not my fault they’re not in business anymore.

Other professional writing experience includes some non-bylined reporting for The Associated Press, a whole bunch of Web copywriting crap and — perhaps most impressively — everything on this website (it used to be a Web site, but AP finally fixed their stylebook). You can check out some of my published tearsheets over at Pressfolios.


I’m a nerd. My hobbies include movies and television, cooking, fantasy football, collecting sports memorabilia, thinking about setting up a freshwater aquarium again one of these days but never getting around to actually doing it, and traveling.

My favorite bloodsport is politics, followed closely by Black Friday. I enjoy long walks on the beach, short walks through parking lots, unseasonably warm winters and not being poor (none of which I get to enjoy as often as I’d like).

Jeffrey Gitomer follows me on Twitter. I was once yelled at by Charlton Heston. I may in fact be what Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

Anticipating your desire to contact me, I’ve created a whole page just for that. Let me know how I can help you make more money — so you can give me some.

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