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CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. —When the honors program began three years ago, Dr. Jim Moore didn’t think anyone would graduate with an honors minor for at least four years.

However, Heather Slack and Max Wise proved him wrong.

Slack and Wise, who have been in the program since its inception, became Campbellsville University’s first honors graduates and wore special Honor Student Association medallions as part of their academic regalia in the May commencement.

“Once you have students actually completing the program, you have a certain maturity,” said Moore, the HSA adviser.

Although the program has been around for three years, Moore said it was like a “man without a country” until just recently.

“We couldn’t have ‘stuff’ because we had nowhere to put ‘stuff,'” he said.

But that changed once space was set aside for the Honors Student Center in Druien Hall. The center consists of a lounge and office where students can read without interruption, work on class assignments or check e-mail and surf the Internet using a computer belonging to the HSA.

“In a day-to-day sense, the most active and important part is the honors curriculum,” Moore said, adding that extracurricular trips and activities are also important to the honors students’ development.

(Originally published in print on page 143 of the 1997 Campbellsville University “Maple Trail” with the headline “HSA ‘comes of age’ in its third year: First students graduate earlier than expected.”)